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Server Name Description Tags Status
Colin's Fun ServerColin's 24/7 Fun Server! - www.cfsgaming.comSSC TShock Online
Panther's Terraria ServerOpen build, Free for all server with a highly cusomised ranking/classes system! House Regions: All players can define their own houses to protect their buildings from greifers.SSC TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOnline
TERRARIA.BYTERRARIA.BY - the main server in Belarus The Laggest World Terraria Server v. TShock Will be up 24/7TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOnline
Jay-NetBuild, mine, PVP, fight bosses, and basically do whatever you want! Grief = instant ban. Commands: /i for items /tp for teleport and more!Hardcore TShock CTG PvPOffline
Burke's ServerNewly made expert mode map with some newish people playingPvE Offline
NaszdaunThe Land of Naszdaun is a new player, adventure roleplay server where each character chooses from a variety of unique classes including Paladin, Infernal, Druid, Sentinel and many more!SSC TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
CastleTown 2.0Welcome to CastleTown 2.0! PVP, Bosses, and many more! For information contact my skype or steam! Steam: x3no22 Skype: xxbarkyxx So come and join the fun! You will like the art of the Castle! If you're active on the server and trustworthy Hardcore TShock PvE PvPOffline
FoxyCraft Polski Serwer Terraria Nie Gotowy) Zaprasazam Na Serwer terraria Jest On Nowy i Potszebuje 3 Adminów Do Rozbudowy serwera Zapraszam Do grania o admina dzwoncie na skype nazwa to AnOnYmOuSPrOSuBGaMeRSSC TShock PvE PvPOffline
Dark Gaming - Dark World TerrariaA friendly non-SSC server, providing players with the most unique experience to-date, with our abstract Trading System, providing you with a new way to play. Free-Build, Boss Fights, Mob Fights and more, if you want it, it's right here.TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
A server full of people who caregerpNoneOffline
Free Build hardcoreDo what u wantHardcore TShock PvE PvPOffline
WhunderWORLDAlways Online! Dedicated members and admin! Extensive "Credit" based ranking system. Online Since Oct 2012. Well maintained and frequently updated map!TShock CTG PvE PvPOffline
Free Build hardcoreTshock free build Hardcore.Hardcore TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
DigArtOnlineDo whatever, pvp,pve,free items,ranks,buildTShock PvE PvPOffline
TearboxA new character survival server. Free build, free protection, regenerating land (farms), economy, ranks and classes.SSC TShock PvE PvPOffline
TerrariaGo.ruWelcome to our Terraria server! Here you will find all that you need to play your favourite game with other terrarians. No griefers, cheaters and so on! Future plans - more new and interesting plugins, new events and even more!TShock CTG PvE PvPOffline
TSGE Build / PvPPvP Focused server. TSGE's main focus is to be a fun server to play on as well as mainly focus on PvP with other players.TShock CTG Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
FREE ITEMS IN OVER 300 CHESTS AT SPAWN TAKE IT ALL!No rules just take some stuff and goTShock Offline
BoxcatDo whatever you like here!Hardcore TShock PvE PvPOffline
legit cancerim not sure why you kinda want to join eitherTShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
MIUPC's Server | Join our cozy server experience! Find more info here!PvE Offline
Terraria MinigamesNew server with minigames on English and Russian. Available games now: — Sky Wars — Death Run — Murder — Race — Build My Thing — Bow Battles — Sumo — Maze — Parkour And we keep adding new games and mechanics, join and play!SSC TShock CTG PvPOffline
Test-ServerHigh-SpawnrateTShock Offline
King Kai's PlanetNoneTShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
Hysteria AdventureWe are a fresh, new server waiting for you to turn into a big mess! Get ready to die, survive, thrive, build, conquer, steal, discover, explore, loot and reign. For more details, visit: http://hysteria.ddns.netSSC TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
Crystal CityNew server, looking for friendly people to come and build! We're recruiting staff! Free build - Anti-Grief - Free Items - Mob Arena - Tshock Plugins - Friendly Staff Join our discord server! TShock PvE PvPOffline
nN|Terraria WorldnoName Gaming Terraria serverNoneOffline
ArcatorThe leading philosophy of Arcator ("ark-ah-tor", not "ark-aytor") has always been to provide a fun experience, meaning even new users to the server can get to exploring and fighting straight away!SSC Hardcore TShock CTG Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
TerraPixVisit and check out our steam group for more info!SSC TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
Terraria Brasil - VanillaServidor Brasileiro de Terraria baseado no modo Vanilla do jogo. Os jogadores podem proteger seus baus e construções dentro do servidor.SSC Roleplay PvE Offline
Nice ServerQuiet Vanilla server IM LONELY JOIN PLEASENoneOffline
Terraria Brasil Oficial [Survival] [Texture Pack HD] [TShockPT] [Loja]Servidor de Terraria Brasil Oficial, servidor com vagas para mais de 100 jogadores e 24 horas. Junte-se a essa aventura! O servidor possui proteção de casas e baus, os comandos para os jogadores foram traduzidos para o português, servidor para androidSSC TShock PvE PvPOffline
[AR] TerrariaFirst argentinian administrated spanish server with v1.3.1 pass: playterraNoneOffline
[ES] Comunidad CogollopsServidor de la Comunidad Cogollops! Podras descubrir mas servidores de mas juegos en nuestro teamspeak 3. IP: PvPOffline
Teeria Legends[Tshock] [Anti-Infinest] [Level System] [SEconomy] [SSC] [Regenerating World] [PvP Arena] [Survival] [24/7] [House Protection] [Events] [Dedicated] [125 Slots] [Exper-Weekends] [Chest Protection] [Hardmode] [Mob/Boss Arena] [& More]SSC TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
This Clannia - Survival [Normal/Expert]-SSC survival ! -Expert and normal(1 day expert / 2 days normal) -5 Dungeons ! (normal, expert, 3 custom biome dungeons) [Teamspeak][Anti-cheat][Starter Kit][Houses][Autoboss Arena][PVP Arena][AFK Zone] [Prison][Portal Map][Fishing Hub][Farms]SSC TShock PvE PvPOffline
DarkunderDog24/7 Server Side Character. Earn DarkcoinS. Rank up. Earn Extra Commands, Buy Items, Enter Special Area!SSC TShock PvPOffline
Aro's Public ServerBrand new server! Looking for players :)TShock Roleplay PvE Offline
The Server form ChinaIt is so goodTShock PvE PvPOffline
Trent Gaming 1NoneOffline
i want a admin for my server SPEEDY!TShock Roleplay Offline
Fsajid's serverfun survivalTShock Offline
Michael JordanNoneOffline
enJoy TerrariaServidor brasileiro!PvE Offline
Anthon's serverNow powered by GameikiNoneOffline
ktps servermehNoneOffline
Mist of JersariaA fun server to play! only rule is respect.TShock Offline
Train qkgtaNoneOffline
Reddit: reborn!Server sided inventory, Starter chests to get you going. Friendly people, beautiful structures, plenty of available real estate, daily prizes, weekly renewed Dungeon/Temple, Can ya dig it? TShock PvE Offline
Infinest's SurvivalRules are pretty simple: No Griefing No disrespect to the Admin or any other Players No hacking or any sort of Item SpawningTShock PvE PvPOffline
Ancientgod's Epic ServerFight bosses, build stuff, do what you want! New map every month!TShock CTG PvE PvPOffline
2Dforts! UniversePvP -focused server, running heavily customized Tshock / plugins, Ranking system, Several PVP modes including our wildly popular "Class Wars."SSC TShock PvPOffline
Lamb party!NoneOffline
/r/Terraria Community ServerA community server for /r/Terraria! SSC TShock PvE Offline
RenCorner Terraria OasisOasis map ran by Drop on by, we just reset the world a few days ago. :)TShock PvE PvPOffline
Teeria Legends - A stranger's Adventure[Tshock] [Anti-Infinest] [Level System] [SEconomy] [SSC] [Regenerating World] [PvP Arena] [Survival] [24/7] [House Protection] [Events] [Dedicated] [125 Slots] [Chest Protection] [Hardmode] [Mob/Boss Arena] [Starter Kits]SSC TShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
DGBC (Distinguished Gentlemen's Building Club)24/7. New server, looking to rebuild our old community. Large staff already in place to make sure your experience is enjoyable. We have all items in game available if you just want to grab some, or stay a while and hang outTShock Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
Cobaltblue's RP ServerThis server is a RP server. It has TShock. I'm a relatively new owner,so please,dont be bad people :) This server is NOT 24/7 at all. The IP resets every 12 hours. SSC TShock Roleplay Offline
Snow and Icecome see for your self ip is TShock PvPOffline
Bippity's Server [][SSC] [24/7]A semi-survival server that welcomes all players, whether or not if they're new to Terraria! We have a ton of features including some custom made plugins such as our own ServerShop and Report system! More info @ TShock CTG Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
GAME4Uhave fun ;) fresh mapTShock PvE Offline
Pew NoneOffline
THE DOAP WORLDJOIN it beast worldNoneOffline
THE DOAP WORLDnew world join usNoneOffline
getinherekom romeo!NoneOffline
The Call of Cthulu Just a chill server looking for people to come play and have a good time. Explore, mine, PvE, PvP, Build till your hearts content, and make new friends! Roleplay PvE PvPOffline
Flavoureds serverFlavoureds serverNoneOffline
Braedon's serverIf Your Just Looking For Something to do, This Is The Place. Hang Out, Do What You Want. Rules: Respect Admin No PVP No Greif Have Fun!TShock Offline
Aurora Terraria [Freebuild/PvP/Arenas][]An open Terraria server with a vision to give players a unique experience. Aurora is a freebuild server with game modes, PvP and unlimited itmes at your finger tips! Join us now!TShock CTG PvE PvPOffline PublicStandard public server that is hardmode/regular. Anyone can build and save house with /house.TShock Offline
Jordys serveremily will joinNoneOffline
Teeria Legends - Free Item/Non SSCHere you can fight against monsters, bosses in our Mob Arena, Fight against players in the PvP Arena, Build your house anywhere across the map above the regen borders, And last but not least, have every item in the game!TShock PvE PvPOffline
Tayoe mmhmmm!NoneOffline