We like to create - that's one reason we play Terraria. We create characters and structures, but I wanted to create something more. I wanted to create something for Terraria.

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In Terraria you can do more than create. You can connect with your friends and other players that love the game, and that's just fun. That's why I wanted to make it easier.

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After you've accomplished a task, celebrating is usually done. That's what we ( and you! ) are doing now with the release of Terraria Connect!

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Creating Terraria Connect. Why it's more than a list of servers.

My name is Rob Filippi and I am a software engineer living in Pittsburgh that loves Terraria. Terraria came out when I was still a student studying computer science at The University of Pittsburgh, and even though I was very busy studying, I made plenty of time to play Terraria. About six months ago, I decided to take my passion of creating software and mix it with Terraria. My goal was to solve an issue that many people have had: Trying to play Terraria with their friends and other players. The idea came to me when my friend ( Jimmy - A current student studying Computer Science ) and I were playing together. I thought the way to setup a server is too complicated and it's near impossible to discover new servers unless you go hunting for them on server list websites, but that's all we had - until now. I created Terraria Connect for all of us players to connect to each other easier. Thanks to Jimmy helping me test it, we launched the beta back in November, but now we are building this website to boost its capabilities.

Four Simple Steps!

Terraria Connect Just Makes Sense.The goal is to connect with other players, and it's simple.

The Terraria Connect application is easily explained in four simple steps:

  1. Fill in the server information form on the tab labeled Create.
  2. Your server is launched with this information.
  3. Your server information gets sent to Terraria Connect's server list database.
  4. Your server information appears on the list of servers on the Join tab of Terraria Connect and on the Servers List web page.

There is more to the Terraria Connect application:

  • Hosting a server is not required, Terraria Connect can be used to just find and connect to the latest servers availabe.
  • Double click on any server will launch Terraria and automatically connect you to that server!
  • There is a tab labeled Favorites that allows you to easily keep track of your favorite servers!
  • Dynamically updates servers to only show you ones that are online, and what your current ping to them are!
  • More features to come - View future features.

Making Things Easier Is a Cause for Celebration.Now You Can Celebrate!

Terraria Connect takes the hassle away from finding a server or other players. Now you are just one click away from Terraria launching and joining that server you want to connect to. You now can spend less time searching for a server online and play the game almost seamless - after you click on the server to join, Terraria Connect will launch Terraria and automatically connect you to that server. Players can now find your server easier and connect in a more convenient way. All of this sounds like something to celebrate to me!

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